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 Trading Post Rules Brief

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PostSubject: Trading Post Rules Brief   Fri Mar 02, 2012 9:21 am

Per a member suggestion (hat-tip to Kyle), here is a very brief overview of the Trading Post rules, for the info of new members who have not yet reached the point of access.

1. The Trading Post is for member-to-member sales and trade.

2. Members may not do any commerce in the TP until they've been members in good standing for 30 days, with at least 30 posts. In fact, you may not see the topic at all if you haven't reached this threshold. (Even if you do by some chance, the 30/30 rules apply.)

3. Items for sale must be listed with a fixed price, with payment and shipping terms upfront, first come/first serve.
3a. That means no auctions, haggling, best-offer terms, etc.
3b. Links to eBay auctions are okay, but if eBay sales are a business for you, please use the commercial section.

4. Commercial sales belong in the Towne Crier section, not the TP. If you have your own site (real or web) for selling it, it's commercial.

5. There is a feedback section where parties to a deal can report on each others' practices, both good and bad. You will note most of them are very good indeed.

6. There is no Rule 6.

7. No special Moderator for the TP at the moment, you can PM any Moderator or Administrator with a question. Dishonest dealing in the TP is one of the few automatic bannable offenses here, for obvious reasons.

8. Even with all these rules, caveat emptor. If you don't feel comfortable with the terms upfront, don't make the deal.

N.B. These are a summary only, and are superceded by the full rules, as well as any newer rules.
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Trading Post Rules Brief
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