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 Dianne Feinstein's response to tobacco tax protest

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PostSubject: Re: Dianne Feinstein's response to tobacco tax protest   Wed May 01, 2013 2:50 pm

All of this is an assumption BTW, I really don't know how they do it, but it is how I would do it!
One of their interns is assigned letter triage. If the letter is from an obvious crackpot it goes into one pile. If it seems to be from an 'educated' person it goes into another pile. If it is on company letter head, it goes into a third pile.
Another intern gets the crackpot pile. If there are threats of harm, it gets forwarded to the FBI.
Another intern quickly skims the 'educated' letter, figures out which canned letter needs to be sent to the letter writer, writes their address into the computer and a canned format letter is generated and mailed at the taxpayers expense. Topics are seperated and numbers of complainers on a particular subject are totalled. 1 to 100 = "I don't give a shit". 101 to 1,000 "We'll keep an eye on it". 1,000 to 10,000 = "Maybe we'll look into what they are whining about". 10,000 plus = "We'll look into it and do a study on what we are supposed to say".
Another intern quickly skims the 'company' letter for content, checks the campaign funder list, and depending if and how much has been donated, assigns a number from one to ten to it (lot of money given (number one) to ten (nothing given) and assigns it to the appropriate pile.
The number one pile goes to the Congress critter. Letters two to six go to another intern for filtering/ answering possible upgrade to #1. Numbers seven to ten go to another intern who actually writes a nice 'non-canned response' letter to the writer.
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Dianne Feinstein's response to tobacco tax protest
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