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 Re: Pipe Prices Back When

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Age : 75
Location : Connecticut
Registration date : 2012-02-26

PostSubject: Re: Pipe Prices Back When   Sun Apr 07, 2013 2:00 pm

I found a 2001 Iwan Ries sale catalog while burrowing around in my stuff. Some examples from it: a beautiful Castello rustic Dublin, $232 . . . Dunhill billiards, $336 . . . also a Dunhill poker for $360 . . . a nice quarter bent rusticated Caminetto with a silver band, $220 . . . A Sasieni panel billiard, $49 . . . Pete Kinsales for $58 . . . A Stanwell POY for $40 and a Stan bent bulldog for $32.

At the time, I thought these were "too expensive." Which is why I don't now chide anyone for paying "too much" for a pipe they like. They'll be enjoying the pipe long after the price is forgotten, to coin an expression.

Say, wait a sec, the Stanwells are sitting right over there on my pipe racks Very Happy

Why the heck didn't I go for the Dunhills and Castellos?

When in doubt, go for it Like a Star @ heaven
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Age : 71
Location : Midwest
Registration date : 2013-01-29

PostSubject: Pipe Prices Back When   Sun Apr 07, 2013 5:43 pm

I agree. When I really stretched to buy something that I knew was fairly price, of high quality, and I would use pretty frequently, I might have regretted spending that much money at the time, but I never regretted that I had it over the years. "A thing of beauty is a joy forever."
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Age : 72
Location : DFW Metroplex, Texas
Registration date : 2012-01-15

PostSubject: Re: Re: Pipe Prices Back When   Sun Apr 07, 2013 6:03 pm

RE: "pipe prices back when", as my Captain back in 'Nam told me "... take woulda, shoulda and coulda out of your vocabulary and life will be better" So be it with pipes Twisted Evil
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Re: Pipe Prices Back When
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