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 Main Street Fairness Act-Floriduh

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Age : 75
Location : Tallahassee, Florida
Registration date : 2013-03-03

PostSubject: Main Street Fairness Act-Floriduh   Thu Aug 29, 2013 4:48 am

Link provided to local hometown "newsrag" in Tallahassee, Floriduh.


  Basically calling for us to cough up more money to feed the local & state coffers.....because of FREEDOM and shit.

Lying bastards are looking at this for the coming Fall...wouldn't want to miss out on Christmas Sales.  Course this is Floriduh...home to The Villages a wap nest of evangelical tea party rich old white guys who want their country back...even have Fox Noise piped in through loud speakers on the Main Streets.

If you live in Floriduh, and you have been lucky enough to live near a B & M, you are now paying $25-29.00 per 50 gram tin.  Imagine what it will be with this new tax.
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Main Street Fairness Act-Floriduh
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