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 Lincoln Leaf Collection by Frank Lincoln

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PostSubject: Lincoln Leaf Collection by Frank Lincoln   Thu Jan 23, 2014 5:05 pm

Hi Guys !
I am a newbie.....i will hold my hands up...i don't smoke ....or pipes Embarassed but ....My lovely aunty has passed me a lovely set of Briars pipes...all set in a mahogany (think) table...set in a suede display....i have all the history of the collection (only this one set made apparently) by a craftsmen called Frank Lincoln who worked at Ashtons...we have a signed letter from William Ashton back in the 90's to my Auntys old business partner. They jointly owned a Tobacco company in London who used to sell/deliver loose tobacco and cigars etc ( i can still remember the smell of the cherry and liquorice tobacco in the warehouse !!) - and now after all these years my aunty now wants to sell it on - she asked me to put it on Ebay and i did say to her not to rush as i would like to get some background on them, and maybe some help on this site , maybe someone can point me in the right direction of where to maybe sell these on ? please help ! sorry if i have come to the wrong place !! LOL many thanks sunny angie
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PostSubject: Re: Lincoln Leaf Collection by Frank Lincoln   Thu Jan 23, 2014 6:31 pm

Hi, I'm a moderator here and I moved your post to the Pipes subforum because (1) Your not a maker or dealer so your post shouldn't be in the Town Crier, and (2) you have to be here 30 days and have 30 posts before selling anything here in our trading post. Your post seems to be more of an inquiry into what you have than a request for offers to sell, a least for now, so I think we'll leave it here and let you ask what it is you might have. There should be a few in-the-know folks who might be able to help you, and posting photographs would be a big help. Getting actual dollar values is tough, and you best bet would be identifying similar examples and searching the eBay sales history of similar items (ifmthey can be found) or contacting some estate pipe dealers like Marty Pulvers, Briar Blues or Pipe Stud. These folks would likely sell for you on a commission basis.

Good luck.

These are horrible times and all sorts of horrible people are prospering, but we must never let this disturb our equanimity or deflect us from our sacred duty to annoy and hinder them at every turn.
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PostSubject: Re: Lincoln Leaf Collection by Frank Lincoln   Thu Jan 23, 2014 9:33 pm

I sent you a PM
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Lincoln Leaf Collection by Frank Lincoln
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