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 Cob break-in

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PostSubject: Cob break-in   Thu Feb 06, 2014 6:22 pm

No, not a misdemeanor but almost. My first MM cob lasted nearly 10 years in light rotation. I can't recall if was a testy beginning or not. When that first cob decided it didn't want to be a pipe any longer I purchased several more but not all at once. Got a Forever stem as well.
The first one still sits on the sideline waiting for a chance to get on base. With nearly 6-8 bowls it hasn't changed its' nasty character. The next two were old friends within less than 6 bowls, each magnitudes better than the preceding ones.
The last one, a custom with stain and shellack, has one eyebrow raised in suspicion of bad behavior but is improving, so far.
I understand that briars may take some patience. I am not a pipe whisperer. I have had some briars take a while. A recent Mike Brissett briar for a Kirsten (oddly, I wonder why Kirstens are not as popular a Falcons on this forum) was smoking like an old friend after the third bowl.
Is there a distinct difference in briar whispering than cobs?
Any suggestions or than winsome/lose some? it is only a few bucks, but hey, it's my few bucks and I always hope for the best...
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PostSubject: Re: Cob break-in   Thu Feb 06, 2014 9:27 pm

Can't say I've ever had a 'bad' cob, but some were better than others on break-in. I always sand off (with a dremel) the soft wood stem protuding inside the bowl. Also - if the pipe has the soft filler bottom, I almost always coat the bottom with a layer of pipe mud. Doing this, they usually come around after a couple of bowls.

On the MM Country Gent, must make sure there isn't any stain or shellack inside the upper portion of the bowl - as this does occasionally happen...
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Cob break-in
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