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 Want to post info re: Raffles, etc.? Get Pre Approval!!!

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PostSubject: Want to post info re: Raffles, etc.? Get Pre Approval!!!   Thu Sep 17, 2015 11:44 am

This morning I had the unfortunate duty of deleting yet another thread advertising a raffle.

Please remember that raffles, etc. and announcements/links about raffles, etc. are not allowed on the BoB site as a matter of general policy. It's my understanding that the reason for disallowing raffles and posts supporting raffles (via links) are detailed, specific and relate to our site license.

Raffles most frequently pop up to support some member on hard times and range into supporting various organizations, etc. It does not matter what the cause or who is doing it. Raffles are absolutely not permitted.

On occasion, a waiver may be granted to allow a link to a raffle occurring on an external site.  Members should request a waiver of standard policy by providing information to a Moderator or Board Member...the request and information is then posted for review...a process that can easily take a week or more, given the schedules of the various individuals involved. So be pro-active and give plenty of lead time.

Following review, if a thread is allowed it should contain the following as a header:

"This thread has been approved for posting following review by BoB Board Members and Site Moderators."

If the above is not used as the top line in the post, the post and any posts following will be deleted.

Council Member, Trading Post & General Site Moderator.
Founding BoB Bombers Squadron Commander, Un-Ret

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Want to post info re: Raffles, etc.? Get Pre Approval!!!
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