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 Pipe Rack/Stand/Display for Freehands or other Larger Pipes?

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PostSubject: Pipe Rack/Stand/Display for Freehands or other Larger Pipes?   Fri Oct 21, 2016 10:20 am

HI folks,

I've got a growing number of Danish Freehand pipes that I'd like to display. The problem is that they will not fit in any of my current racks. Sad

Any ideas for displaying larger pipes? I'm handy enough to build something if I have a concept and perhaps a few measurements to work from.

Thanks in advance. These pipes are too pretty to keep in a drawer!
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PostSubject: Re: Pipe Rack/Stand/Display for Freehands or other Larger Pipes?   Fri Oct 21, 2016 7:15 pm

Well, I did some simple ones.  I am camera and computer impaired, so I will try to describe.  Read this thru and visualize it. I am not necessarily writing this in a logical order of creation.

Basically, this is a rack that will hold the pipes in such a way that they stick out at you - like you are speaking to someone clenching a pipe in their teeth.  Where these really shine is with odd shaped pipes and deeply bent pipes.  I first did this because of some meers that didn't work in conventional racks.

Two boards, about a foot long, about five point something inches wide, and 3/4 inches thick. Standard 1 x 6 for practice.  Glue them into a "L" along the long edge.  Lay it on its side. so that is is 12 inches side to side.  You now have an assembly that is about 6 inches high, about 6 1/15 deep and twelve inches wide. (Or 6.5 high and 6 deep depending on how you glue it up)

In the vertical piece, cut a slot about 3/8 inch wide. Yes, all the way through - this is where the bit will go to hold your pipes.  Leave about an inch at each end.

To make the slot: If you have a mortiser, this will be very easy.  A router might work as well. I used a table saw. Otherwise, to make the slot, rip about an inch off the top. Hog out the waste area of the slot, with a saw blade (a dado blade is faster) and then glue the ripped piece back in place.  

(If you have a mortiser, you can arrange individual slots any way you want. I don't have one.)

Sand and finish.  Nothing fancy when done basically, but have some fun with variations. Play with the dimensions. The slot may need to be widened. Thinner stock will need narrower slots. Three of my pipes don't fit because the stems get thick too quickly. (Savinelli 320KS)  Make the slot higher or lower to suit your needs.

Slide the pipe bit through so that when you release the pipe the button grips the back of the board. You can give a light tug to be sure.

One foot wide will hold five pipes nicely.  Longer is absolutely possible.  However, when going longer, leave a gluing point in the middle (or otherwise symmetrical) to prevent any possible flex when the pipes are in place. Wood sometimes refuses to cooperate.

I allowed IIRC about 2.5 inches per pipe.  That does not crowd them.  Most commercial racks are made (in my opinion) for tiny pipes - way too close together.

Basic boards, with just boiled linseed oil is easy to do.  Get as fancy or simple as you like with finish.
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PostSubject: Re: Pipe Rack/Stand/Display for Freehands or other Larger Pipes?   Fri Oct 21, 2016 8:50 pm

I use all kinds of different things to store/hold/rest/display pipes. Try Fasby's methods and your imagination. When I rest my pipes I hang them through holes in an oak board so convection currents can air out the pipe. It's simple, effective, and allows for all manner of shapes, and lengths. 3 inches on center holes allow for plenty of separation of the bowls....
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Pipe Rack/Stand/Display for Freehands or other Larger Pipes?
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