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 You Suddenly Cannot Get Logged In.............

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PostSubject: You Suddenly Cannot Get Logged In.............   Sat Jun 03, 2017 10:18 am

1st) Try clearing your cache and browser history.

2nd) Try updating your browser.

3rd) It is taking you to a CAPTCHA page claiming suspicious activity on your account. And no matter what you do you cannot get past that stupid thing. You have been automatically IP banned by the system. Your service provider is using a rolling IP scheme and that is now triggering this CAPTCHA thing.

So far it has to be manually fixed. PM me, or email me at quarksbar at frontiernet dot net

I will need the email address you use for this board, and your username. The rest I can get from the board admin page. It may not work the first time. Or the 2nd. And I will do what I can as soon as I can.

And now I am going to take my grouchy self to the kitchen for a late breakfast and only my 2nd cup of coffee. I am grouchy at Forumotion for how these things happen, and their solution for them. I needed to let y'all know this ASAP as we have at least one member with this problem, and I suspect that more will turn up.


"Never turn your back on a Breen".
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You Suddenly Cannot Get Logged In.............
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