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 Cool LED usb Light Board

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PostSubject: Cool LED usb Light Board   Sat May 12, 2018 11:06 am

I love tech stuff. I love this..though I donít have one. Since I have a long and sordid history in graphic arts this kind of thing makes me smile.

What is it? Itís a page sized light board...lit by LEDís...runs off a usb, so laptop computer, power bank, wall plug, whatever. The brightness is adjustable. LEDís essentially donít get hot and never burn out. Itís super thin...1/3Ē. Size is about 8Ē X 12Ē. But other sizes are out there. Jeez, whatís not to like.

I stumbled onto this in Pinterest. But a quick google of the name turned up a plethora of makers, styles, etc. Some of these are linked to drawing software and you use a stylus to draw on the pad...via the software. Thatís more than Iíd want. The light board thing though...thatís really neato.

Maker is Huion. Find via google or on Amazon.

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Cool LED usb Light Board
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