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 Posting a photo from your computer

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PostSubject: Posting a photo from your computer    Thu Dec 13, 2018 12:14 am

It’s really easy.

With the BoB site showing on your screen...

Posting a Photo at BoB Site

1. Click “Open Reply” to get text page to write on.
2. Click inside text box to get cursor onto page.
3. Push “Return” 4 - 5 times to space down.
4. At the top of the page there are tool buttons.
5. One of the sets of buttons has 6, including Facebook & uTube
6. At the far left of the 6 is one that looks like a screen with a floppy disk
7. Push that button
8. A large grey square appears in your text box.
9. Set pixel size to 640 & push green “select files” button at top
10. If you have the photo saved, click “Photo Library”
11. Choose what library of pics to choose from
12. Click the photo you want to post then click “Done”
13. The photo you picked shows up in the grey box.
14. Click up arrow to the right of your photo
15. You get a green “loading” progress bar, wait til it loads
16. Then click “Insert All”
17. Finally click “Preview” to review what it looks like
18. Then “Send” to finalize it.

It goes really, really fast once you’re used to it.

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Posting a photo from your computer
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