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 10 Random Facts About Me *Please Join In*

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BoB's Team

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PostSubject: 10 Random Facts About Me *Please Join In*   Sat Jan 31, 2009 8:04 pm

I thought this would be a neat way to get to know each other a little better.

10 Random Facts about Dock:

1. I was a social outcast in high school. I didn't go to my prom, get senior pics done, go to my graduation or attend parties. I didn't start dating til' college.

2. I may be a life long dead head but I'm still a proud life long republican too! Go Sarah!

3. I work out at least five times a week. I'm a former "token fat kid" and don't EVER want to go back there again!

4. I've never drank a beer or a cup of coffee in my life.

5. It's ironic though that I love coffee flavored ice cream.

6. I own many expensive highgrade pipes and a very well stocked tobacco cellar yet I still prefer plain old Navy Flake in a Stanwell.

7. I grew up dirt floor poor and am sometimes astonished at the prices I'm willing to pay for those highgrade pipes.

8. I could decide tomorrow that I want to own nothing but say Savinelli's and sell every one of my other pipes off in a matter of weeks. I have no sentimental attachment to any of them that weren't gifts.

9. Strangely, I think that owning expensive pipes at such a young age has made me unpopular with some older well established collectors. I often think I'm regarded as "nuvo riche" by some of them.

10. I'd like to hear some random facts about you now....
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Puff Daddy

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PostSubject: Re: 10 Random Facts About Me *Please Join In*   Sat Jan 31, 2009 9:01 pm

10 random facts about me:

1) I grew up in a very small family (my mother, brother and I, dad died when we were little kids) and hardly ever spent any time around girls. I married a gal who is the youngest of seven, most of which are girls, and has a a very, very large extended family with a disproportionately large number of women in it. I had 3 girls of my own (no boys) and now am raising my 2 granddaughters. Go figure. I grew up with hardly ever a girl in sight and for the last 25 years I've been inundated with them Laughing

2) I spent most of my adult life as a cook or managing chef and didn't completely leave that field behind until 2001.

I feel that fishing alone for long hours will bring you closer to spiritual awareness than anything else, church included.

3) I go to church anyhow. (see #1 above, I need all the help I can get)

4) I work only because I have to. Most people seem to find (or want to find) a career that they love, but I've become pessimistic of peoples' motives in business and it sickens me. I'd quit tomorrow if I could. I would not get bored and go looking for something to do in 6 weeks.

5) I married a girl when I was 19, still married to her. Amazingly, we're both happy. I don't think I'd ever be able to marry another woman if something happened to her, nobody would be able to measure up to her.

6)I've gotten so used to writing on a computer screen that my handwriting - even when I slow way down and try real hard - looks like the scribblings of a first grader who's missing a couple of fingers.

7) I want to start collecting fountain pens. Go figure. That's like a paraplegic who collects running shoes.

Cool I love watching golf on television. I know, it's like watching grass grow, and I almost never ever play golf. Makes no sense.

9) I get up at like 3 am every day, even on days off, often foregoing much needed sleep, just to enjoy the quiet stillness in the house.

10) I come across as a hard ass to my kids and never cease preaching high moral standards, and those pictures of me from the 70's with hair halfway to my ass and an a perpetual glazed look on my face always seem to surface at inopportune moments Mad

These are horrible times and all sorts of horrible people are prospering, but we must never let this disturb our equanimity or deflect us from our sacred duty to annoy and hinder them at every turn.
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Slow Puffs
Resident Sportscaster

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PostSubject: Re: 10 Random Facts About Me *Please Join In*   Sat Jan 31, 2009 9:41 pm

Ten Random facts:

1. Upon graduation for my Masters of Divinity degree, I received awards for highest marks in theology and best Mastersí thesis and have never displayed any awards, honours, or certificates in my office in all my career. (true).

2. I once told a guy ďIf you donít come to the detox centre now, Iíll stick that bottle of wine up your assĒÖ (true)

3. The Mayor of one of the communities I served as a minister wrote to the local paper and said as I left a council meeting, I gave hand and finger gestures at him. (trueÖ he wrote the paper but untrue about the hand and finger gestures).

4. So far, I have watched ďThe SopranoísĒ television series twice. (true)

5. The first funeral service I conducted as a young student minister, I got sick to my stomach. I never saw a dead body before and had never been to a funeral before. Now I officiate at funerals several times a week. (true)

6. The first NHL hockey I attended, I was so excited to see Larry Robinson skate out for warm-ups, I took several pictures of him and others, then worried that the camera didnít have a roll of film in it (pre-digital days). I promptly opened the camera and exposed the film. (true)

7. I always said to myself that when I couldnít believe any more I would quit. I did quit the ministry in 2004 and have had some happy years since. Havenít regretted it. (true)

8. I love comedy sitcomsÖ some along the way The DickVanDyke Show, Mary Tyler Moore, All in the Family, MASH, Taxi, The Bob Newhart Show, Cheers, Everybody Loves Raymond, According to Jim. (true)

9. My weird sense of humour sometimes gets me into trouble. (true)

10. I fantasize about having a ticket to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. I fly into Boston, somehow get to Dockís ďused car placeĒ and purchase one of those beaters, visit Ken, attend a Sherlock Holmes meeting, attend the ball game, head to the airport, phone Dock and tell him he can have the car back, just come to the airport and take it back to the lot(true)
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PostSubject: Re: 10 Random Facts About Me *Please Join In*   Sat Jan 31, 2009 10:00 pm

Here we go...

1. I love watching Food Network with my wife and cooking with her. I'd own a restaurant in a heartbeat if I knew a single thing about the biz.

2. I can never have too many animals. They may poop on your floor or eat an unattended snack, but they never stab you in the back.

3. I met my wife when we were 15 and 16. Been together ever since.

4. I pretty much love tobacco in all its forms.

5. The same goes with alcohol... I'm non-discriminatory.

6. I feel like I was born in the wrong decade. Suits, fedoras, smoking, ethics, and women who liked to look like women and not stick figures they see in magazines... all wonderful things.

7. My wife feels the same way, so we pretty much hole ourselves away and watch old movies every night. Bogart, Bergman, Lana Turner, Veronica Lake, Cary Grant... load up a bowl in a big Stanwell, glass of scotch - doesn't get much better.

8. I've lived in a "dry" town my entire life. Where we currently live finally went "wet" last year. Before that, you had to drive an hour to find beer.

9. My parents loathed travel - so I've only been to a handful of places. Plus, I have a hard time dropping cash on travel instead of other practical things (more pipes and baccy!) so that hasn't changed much.

10. I'm currently trying to teach myself web design.
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PostSubject: Re: 10 Random Facts About Me *Please Join In*   Sat Jan 31, 2009 10:56 pm

I'll give this a try; I hope I don't frighten you guys away Embarassed .

1. I also was a social outcast in high school. I was shy and overweight. I never went to any school functions other than marching band events.

2. My family moved to a new, much larger town three months before my senior year of high school. I decided to "re invent" myself before school started. I lost a lot of weight and ran a lot. Then when school started I had a better appearance, but found it hard to fit in. I ended up getting in with the wrong crowd and drinking a lot of alcohol and smoking marijuana.

3. I haven't drank alcohol or used marijuana since the summer after my senior year of high school and I'll be 49 years old this year.

4. I've been with the same girlfriend (and later my wife) since she was 17 and I was 18. We got married in April 1981 and are still happily married. This April will be our 28th anniversary.

5. I worked out to the extreme for years and years (probably 17 years or thereabouts). I am 5'10" tall and was about 250 pounds of pure muscle. I ran 5 miles daily Mon-Fri on paved city streets, used a stair step machine for 1 hour 5 days per week, rode a bicycle 15 miles a day Mon-Fri and a 50 mile ride on Saturdays, and lifted very heavy weights 6 days per week (Back/Biceps M-W-F) (Chest/Triceps/Shoulders Tu-Th-Sat). I was addicted to this and could never get big enough or strong enough. About all I did was work out, sleep, and go to work.

6. I never used steroids or any supplements. I hurt myself doing this regimen though and now have permanent nerve damage in my lower back and legs, no cartilage in either knee, and joint problems in my elbows and shoulders.

7. About 5 years ago I suddenly one day said "Screw it" and haven't exercised since except for mowing the yard and general household chores. I'm now obese and very out of shape and really don't care.

8. My wife and I love animals. We have 4 dogs and 6 cats. We both love our animals more than we do most people.

9. Ever since high school I always wanted to be a law enforcement officer. I had a few random jobs and then decided to become a law enforcement officer at age 26. Next month will be my 22nd anniversary with the same department. It was fun when I was younger but I would not do it again and will not recommend law enforcement to anyone as a career. I suffer from PTSD as a result. (The town I live in is consistently ranked very high on the list of most dangerous and crime-ridden communities of a comparable size.)

10. With the exception of a few pipes made by my dad, I would not be upset if all of my pipes were gone and all I had left was corncob pipes. The pipes my dad made for me have sentimental value, but the corncob pipes smoke better than many of my mid to high grade pipes.

Well, that about covers it for me; someone else's turn...
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Midnight Blues

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PostSubject: Re: 10 Random Facts About Me *Please Join In*   Sat Jan 31, 2009 11:20 pm

Great thread,

1. I grew up in the 60s and 70s in a small suburb of Syracuse NY.
2. Iíve been playing Basketball and Football all my life and still play, but not like I used to
3. I married at 19 to the most amazing woman Iíve ever met, still married, 4 great children.
4. I love old tube radios and tube stereo gear and vinyl (33 1/3 )
5. I play electric guitar, mostly blues,
6. I served 4 years in the United States AirForce
7. Iíve been a Tool and Die Maker for 28 years, Iím very thankful Iím still working.
8. If left to my own devices Iíd never cut my hair again.
9. I go to church but often find myself disappointed with the message, being alone with God is much more meaningful to me.
10. I absolutely love the Pink Panther movies, Peter Sellers was a geniusÖ
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The Duke

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PostSubject: Re: 10 Random Facts About Me *Please Join In*   Sun Feb 01, 2009 12:24 am

Interesting the amount of common ground there seems to be!

1. Obviously I am a die hard southerner and I am proud of my heritage. Though I am a southern sympathizer I whole heartedly believe in America as it was founded.

2. Ironically, I was born in Chicopee, MA but my mother and I moved back to NC when I was 5 months old. My families are all originally from NC and VA.

3. I have been an active member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and all of my male ancesters from that era were confederate soldiers.

4. One of my biggest regrets in life is that I did not serve in the military. I have the upmost respect for those that did and will always give undying support to our troops.

5. I have always been fascinated with American history and so is my wife. Our vacations often are centered around traveling to historical sites.

6. Family is very important to me and though I don't actually have any biological childern of my own all children are important to me and I consider my step children as well as all children my own.Very Happy

7. I love the Lord and put my hope and trust in Him above all and like some have already said I fellowship most with Him and feel closest to him when I am alone early in the morning or when I am out somewhere like fishing.

8. I am an avid fisherman and fishing has always been my favorite sport. I am not much of a team sports fan.

9. Similar to what someone else said, when I am finally done with the corporate world I will never put another pair of scissors to my head. Hopefully I won't be bald by then! Laughing

10. I am awed by nature and especially love my dogs. My wife swears that I love my little dog more than her! Laughing I love to visit the zoo.
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Bulldog Bruce

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PostSubject: Re: 10 Random Facts About Me *Please Join In*   Sun Feb 01, 2009 1:39 am

Random Facts About Me

1. I was born into an Air Force family along with a twin brother on an Army post in Virginia.

2. When I was a year old myself, twin brther, older sister( 3and a half), and Mother were on a troop ship to France. Dad was already there.

3. Spent a tour in France and one in Venezuala as a military dependant. Younger Brother born in France.

4. After Dad retired from AF in mid sixties, went to H S in Southern Illinois. Gave Mom 12 years but did not graduate.

5. Enlisted in AF early seventies, after two tours overseas, one in Germany, got out.

6. More or less raised hell and road Harleys for next several years.

7. Have had a lifelong interest in History and Geography. Guess due to all the traveling and seeing so many interesting places.

8. Moved from Colorado too Idaho in early eighties, more or less with the sheriff on my trail, where I graduated college.

9. After no long term relations my whole life, met my soul mate Chris, in the Bannock County, Idaho jail. She was the charge nurse, er, I wasn't staff.(The guys I was standing in line with for meds said you don't stand a chance when I asked about her, your a loser. I responded I know that idiots, or I would't be standing in this line with you)

10. More than 11 years we have been togather. Two grown stepdaghters and two grandsons who I love and treat as my own. By the way, havn't been arrested since I met Chris. Still ride, just don't raise as much hell Smile

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The Coordinator

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PostSubject: Re: 10 Random Facts About Me *Please Join In*   Sun Feb 01, 2009 1:39 pm

Here goes:

  • I grew up in southern California (Santa Ana). My mother was single and worked for the state of California as a foster home for special needs kids. At any one time there were usually myself, brother, sister (all adopted) and at least six other kids all with either Down Syndrome (back then it was called Mongoloids) or suffering from Cerebral Palsy. I was adopted when only two weeks old, same for my brother. At the time I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and would not live past five. My brother suffered from a disease called Arthro Gryposis which is a disease where you are born without a lot of the muscles that you and I take for granted. He could not walk nor even raise his arms. He lived into his forty's.
  • I ended up wrestling in high school (heavy 230 lbs) and became a weight lifter for several years until I broke every rule in the book for doing squats and put myself in the hospital. At the time I was benching 386 pounds and would squat over 400 pounds. So much for having Cerebral Palsy.
  • I had a triple artho desis surgery when 12 on my left foot which essentially lengthens the heal chords and fuses your ankle so that you could not move your foot up or down or sideways. (remember the so called Cerebral Palsy?).
  • I also grew up overweight and very shy. I was more a book worm when not wrestling in high school. Did not attend the senior prom, etc.
  • I decided to go into aviation while in high school. I got my Airframe and Power-plant license in January 1976 after going to Northrop Institute of Technology for 18 months (right out of high school). My mother and aunt were both "Rosie the Riveter's" during WWII. My aunt went on to become the second female in the U.S. to get her Airframe and Power-plant license for working on aircraft She did her entire career with McDonnell Douglas and was a certified gold welder. My oldest brother was a B-52 mechanic in the Air Force.
  • Since both of my older brothers (Air Force and Navy) served in the military and my Mom's history in WWII I felt it my family duty to also serve. Problem was my foot and weight. Since I couldn't go in I got a job working for the Army Space command on Kwajalein, Marshall Islands for seven and a half years. The "island' was three miles long and a half mile wide out in the middle of nowhere. It was six feet above sea level. The tallest building was the control tower at the airport.
  • I worked for the U.S. Forest Service during the 1980 and 1981 fire seasons on DC-6 fire bombers in Arizona and Oregon
  • My other passion other than pipes is collecting and shooting old rifles and pistols. My rifle collection is mainly WWI and WWII vintage. I have a un-issued British Enfield No. 4 Mk 2. I am also into old west type firearms. I currently own three 45-90 Buffalo type rifles. A Browning and Winchester 1885 single shot and a Pederoselli 45-90 Sharps.
  • I've been lucky in the fact that I have got to see a lot of the world (mainly Pacific and Asia) with some of Europe. I flew (as flight mechanic) the last C-54 (McDonnell Douglas DC-4) in the military inventory to the bone yard (Davis Mothan AFB) in 1978. The flight included two legs of 16+ hours at 10000 feet going all of about 135 knots going over the Pacific Ocean.
  • I have been married for going on 23 years this month. I am the proud (very proud) father of a fine son who is currently serving in the United States Navy on board the USS Enterprise as a Nuclear Power-plant operator.
  • I know this is number 11 but I also had gastric bypass surgery Jan 6th of 2008 and have dropped from 412 pounds to my current 180 pounds.
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Doc Manhattan
BoB's Team

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PostSubject: Re: 10 Random Facts About Me *Please Join In*   Sun Feb 01, 2009 2:34 pm

10 quick takes about me:

1. My handle here is inspired by character from the comic book Watchmen (by Moore & Gibbons.) It used to be a pretty obscure reference, but the Watchmen big-budget movie hits theatres in a few months, and more people will get it.

2. I have literally kicked Henry Kissinger's ass. But by accident! I was very young, and he was sitting in front of me at an outdoor graduation ceremony. It was hot; the folding chiars had open backs; I was a bored and fidgety little sprout... so I swung my legs and kicked him in the rump.

3. My parents are not pro-smoking, but some of my earliest memories are them taking me to the Owl Shop in New Haven, to appreciate the sights and smells of an old-school tobacconist. (In a few months I'll be living a few minutes' walk from the Owl Shop, still in business, though in a much different form.)

4. I taught general English in a public high school for four years. Too many stories to put in a little bullet point!

5. I have a very unusual apartment: it sits between a gas station and one of NYC's biggest housing projects, yet I have a basement and a backyard (where I grow pumpkins and tomatoes.)

6. The people who answer the delivery phone at the local Chinese restaurant recognize my voice, and ask after my welfare if I haven't ordered in a while.

7. Few things make me happier than a sack of White Castles.

8. For a good while in high school and college, I wanted to be a rabbi.

9. My grandmother was a mortician, as was the rest of her family. When her father joined the Army for WW1, he went to NYC to mobilize, but the order went out: "All undertakers please report to command." The Influenza Pandemic of 1918 was turning the city into a disaster zone, and his tour of duty was spent containing the spread of infection.

10. I am a compulsive collector: I have dozens of tiki mugs, more than 40 pairs of sneakers, and I suspect my (relatively) new pipe hobby will soon overrun the space I have.

"You know what's right with this world? Nothin'!"
-Oscar, "Grouch Anthem"
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Tennessee Dave

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PostSubject: Re: 10 Random Facts About Me *Please Join In*   Sun Feb 01, 2009 2:36 pm

1. I have been blessed beyond belief in many aspects but the one for which I am most grateful is the honor of sharing my life with 2 wonderful women. Chris was my first wife who died in 1998 and gave me the inspiration to become what I am and Dini, my present wife who is my equal in all things and my superior in most. You don't have to tell her I said that last part.

2. Been in the same field for 36 years including a 6 year stint in the Nuclear NAVY and 30 years in commercial nuclear power. I have retired 2 times but I am presently still working becuase I enjoy it and I like my toys.

3. I get a sense of well being from my pipes, my whiskies, my flyrods, and my old shotguns.

4. When I become interested in anything I read and study obsessively until I can at least become an informed and adequate newbie.

5. I am a proud Southern boy who spent 23 years in Chicago and happens to think that Chicago is the finest city in the world.

6. I am a Conserative sitting just to the right of Atilla the Hun on most subjects but I am an American first and foremost and respect the right of all Americans to have and express their own views.

7. I really enjoy cooking and matching the right wine with the meal to make for a memorable experience.

8. Really enjoy introducing friends to good cigars, good wines and great beers. Nothing more gratifying that having a friend who has drank nothing but Miller Lite taste a Rogue Shakespeare Stout for the first time.

9. My faith is important to me and believe that I am where I am for a greater purpose that is still unkown to me. I also agree with Puff Daddy that a day on the stream with my flyrod is when I feel the closest to my maker.

10. Most people think I come across as sophisticated and educated but I am and always have been a proud son of very humble southern country people who taught me right from wrong and the importance of a man's integrity.
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PostSubject: 10 Random Facts About Me   Sun Feb 01, 2009 4:41 pm

1. My name is Ed Mitchell but I go by Ed Mitchell.

2. I am 41 with a wife of 11 years, three small kids (2 sons + a daughter named Piper).

3. I grew up in San Antonio, the youngest of six kids and an Air Force brat. I then lived in Ft. Worth, Atlanta, and now Jacksonville, Florida.

4. I collect high grade pipes and have about 4 Roushes, 12 Chonowitschs, 2 Bangs, 3 Satous, 6 Tokumtomis, an Anne Julie, 3 Wolfgang Beckers, a Lindner, 2 Todd Johnsons, 2 Petersons, a Jorn Larsen, and some assorted other stuff. I have more tobacco than I can smoke in this lifetime including 165 tins of Haddos aging gracefully!

5. I have basically been in the real estate business all my adult life. I've been a Realtor, a Broker, a commercial appraiser, an builder, and a flipper. Right now I own a building company, a window company, an advertising truck business, and a car lot. All of them are pretty much sucking wind right now!

6. I LOVE the Chicago and Richmond pipe shows. I have never been to any other shows. I really want to go on a pipe tour of Europe and Scandanavia.

7. I have a 147 IQ and love a mental challenge such as a test, word game, etc.

8. I chased girls, drank entirely too much, and basically screwed around when I was in college. That's why I no longer drink and am now finishing college at the University of Alabama (online).

9. I love SEC football - Roll Tide!

10. I spend way too much time on pipe forums, ebay, and retailers websites!
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Wet Dottle

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PostSubject: Re: 10 Random Facts About Me *Please Join In*   Sun Feb 01, 2009 5:42 pm

I like this subject. Here is my contribution:

- My favorite hobby is my job: Iím one of those lucky people who are paid to do what they like best (which is scientific research).
- Nearly 40% of my tobacco cellar is comprised of blends that are no longer in my list of favorites.
- I have a cat. I also like dogs, but Iím not up to the care that they require.
- I was born in Europe and raised in Africa. Iím a naturalized citizen.
- After finishing college I looked for work in Seattle and in Denver. Luckily I landed in Denver. I realize now that I wouldnít have liked the weather in Seattle.
- Used to be a fan of the Dolphins, but could never get over what they did to Dan Marino. Now Iím a Broncosí fan.
- My greatest unfulfilled dream is to own and fly a Spitfire. I decided to have kids instead.
- I stop smoking every few years. Nostalgia brings me back.
- BoB is the only forum Iíve ever posted. Occasionally lurk on ASP and Smokers Forums.
- If I could go back in life I would enlist in the Navy.
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PostSubject: Re: 10 Random Facts About Me *Please Join In*   Sun Feb 01, 2009 6:06 pm

1. I'm a first generation American, both of my parents came to America from Scotland.

2. I grew up in New York City, the Bronx, hence my forum name.

3. I spent 3 years in the Marine Corps, 1967 in Vietnam

4. I have lived in New York, Mass. and North Carolina

5. Three Daughters, all married. 3 Grandchildren, 2 boys a a girl

6. Involved in 3 money pit activities, Harleys (2), Corvettes (1) and Pipes (too many to count)

7. Used to be serious about running and triathlons, now only serious about eating

8. Was married for 26 years, divorced for 11 years.

9. My significant other for the last 9 years passed away last Sept from complications of a stroke and kidney failure.

10. Have a dog, Maltese, who keeps me busy.
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PostSubject: Re: 10 Random Facts About Me *Please Join In*   Sun Feb 01, 2009 9:29 pm

I totally love this thread, it's really interesting to read abou you guys, especially to see what a varied lot we are:) I don't have too much to say about myself since I'm a young guy and haven't done that much in my life yet but I'll try:
1. I've been smoking a pipe since I was 14yo and I hope I will keep smoking till my last breath
2. I've lived in Italy (Turin) for 3 years when I was a kid
3. I love learning foreign languages- I speak Polish (my mother tongue), English, Italian, French, some Russian and last year I took up Chinese
4. I played the saxophone for 6 years and for some time I hoped I would become a pro musician, but it didn't work out, mostly because I had lost my motivation and didn't practice enough
5. I'm studying English at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow and hope to become an interpreter (don't judge my English based on my posts here, please, I'm trying to relax Razz )
6. I have very limited funds for my pipes so I mostly buy estates at flea markets and Ebay and I've been able to get some pretty amazing deals
7. My biggest dream is to live a meaningful life and to have no regrets when I reach its end
8. I live with my girlfriend who studies medicine and I'm having a hard time understanding how can a person study that much! Shocked
9. I'd like to get a good job only to be able to finally buy myself some nice high grade pipes Smile
10. I love listening to folk/gypsy/jewish/balkan music
I guess that's it, if anything new happens in my life I'll let you know Exclamation
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10 Random Facts About Me *Please Join In*
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