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 Robert Downey Jr. As Sherlock????

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PostSubject: Re: Robert Downey Jr. As Sherlock????   Sun Jul 08, 2012 7:40 pm

I have red some of the short stories, but not all of them as of yet (although the full works are in the mail currently). I understand fully that some are leery of changes and adaptation from what they are used to. Heck Sean Connery as Bond was the man, but Daniel Craig puts a twist to Bond that Connery couldn't; like I believe Downey and Law do to Holmes and Watson. I too watched them both on plane rides, but I loved them both, the second more than the first to be honest. These movies that others found so horrible have made me interested enough to order and read the novels and short stories completely. Movies have a tendency to inspire people to read and if these could do that to me when most don't then kudos to Downey, Law, and Guy Ritchie for inspiring myself and who knows how many others to read the works.
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PostSubject: Re: Robert Downey Jr. As Sherlock????   Tue Jul 10, 2012 6:11 pm

I'll approach this issue with an open mind; well-made point to ponder on. Hear! Hear! cheers

Still....I would prefer Sir Jeremey Brett's potrayal of Sherlock!!
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Robert Downey Jr. As Sherlock????
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