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 My Tobacco,Pipes & Smoking Books

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BoB's Team

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PostSubject: My Tobacco,Pipes & Smoking Books   Wed Mar 11, 2009 9:56 am

I thought a few of you would enjoy seeing some of the contents of my pipe, tobacco and smoking library. This collection has taken me many years to put together book by book. I feel that it represents the most important books ever written on the subject of smoking....

American Tobacco Company "Sold American"
American Tobacco Company "The American Tobacco Story"
Apperson "The Social History of Smoking"
Arents "The Arents Index"
Armero "Antique Pipes"
Author Unknown "All About Pipes & Pipe Tobaccos" (Tobacconist's Book)
Author Unknown "Better Pipe Salesmanship Vol 1" (Tobacconist's Book)
Author Unknown "Better Pipe Salesmanship Vol 2" (Tobacconist's Book)
Author Unknown "Das Neve Tabagobuch"
Author Unknown "Tech Bulletin Nicotiana"
Author Unknown "The History of The Hungarian Pipe Maker's Craft"
Author Unknown "The Legend of The Lighter"
Author Unknown "Tobacco Talk & Smoker's Gossip"
Axton "Tobacco & Kentucky"
Bain "Tobacco Leaves"
Bain "Tobacco In Song & Story"
Balfour "Alfred Dunhill "One Hundred Years & More"
Barrie "My Lady Nicotine"
Barth "The Smoking Life"
Beale "Secrets To Enjoyable Pipe Smoking"
Beaumier/Camp "The Pipe Smoker"
Bergevin "Tobacco Tins & Their Prices"
Billings "Tobacco: Its History"
Brandes/Jarschel "Fever & Flamme"
Brandstatter "Geschichte de Feuerzeuge"
Brennan "Tobacco Leaves"
Brongers "Nicotiana Tabacum"
Brooks "The Mighty Leaf"
Browne "A Pipe Of Tobacco"
Burns "The Smoke of the Gods"
Carlson "Tobacco Containers of Canada & America"
Cole "The GBD St.Claude Sory"
Collins/Herford "The Smoker's Yearbook"
Colwell "Who Made That Pipe"
Cope's "Cope's Smoke Room Collectibles Vol 1"
Cope's "Cope's Smoke Room Collectibles Vol 10"
Cope's "Cope's Smoke Room Collectibles Vol 2"
Cope's "Cope's Smoke Room Collectibles Vol 8"
Cope's "Cope's Tobacco"
Corbu "European Pipes"
Corti "A History of Smoking"
Crole "Pipe"
Dempsey Pipe Dreams "The Ads of The Imperial Tobacco Co."
Dunderale "Kendal Brown"
Dunhill "Gentle Art of Smoking"
Dunhill "The Pipe Book"
Dunhill Ltd. "About Smoke Dunhill Catalog" (Original 1928)
Dunn "The Pipe Smokers Ephemeris Book 1"
Dunn "The Pipe Smokers Ephemeris Book 2"
Editeur "Autour Du Tobak"
Edwin "Half A Century With Tobacco"
Ehwa "The Book of Pipes & Tobacco"
Erskine "Thus Think & Smoke Tobacco"
Fairholt "Tobacco: Its History and Associations"
Fajka "Fajka Polska Pipes"
Fischer "The Odyssey of Tobacco"
Flammarion "Daire de la Pipe"
Flanagan "Cigarette Lighters" (The Big Book of:)
Flanagan "Cigarette Lighters Book 1"
Flanagan "Cigarette Lighters Book 2"
Flannagan "The Story of Lucky Strike"
Foulkes "Dunhill Style"
Frank "Le Livre Du Fumeur De Pipe"
Frickert/ Behrens "Mit vollem Genufb Pfeife rauchen"
Friedmann "Second Hand Smoke"
Gage "Tobacco Containers & Accessories"
Gallant "Pipe Smoking"
Gately "Tobacco"
Gilman & Zun "Smoke: A Global History of Smoking"
Goldring "The Pipe Book" (Hardcover)
Goldring "The Pipe Book" (Softcover)
Goodman "Tobacco in History"
Graves "A Pipe Smoker's Guide"
Gray "Bath Robes and Bachelors and Other Good Things"
Hacker "Pipe Smoking A 21st Century Guide
Hacker "Pipes of Sherlock Holmes
Hacker "Rare Smoke
Hacker "The Christmas Pipe
Hacker "The Ultimate Pipe Book (U.K. Version)
Hacker "The Ultimate Pipe Book (U.S. Version)
Hacker "The Ultimate Pipe Video (VHS)
Hall "140 Different Varietys
Hamilton "This Smoking World
Harrison "With Pipe And Book
Haus Neverburg "Die Lammlung
Heimann "Tobacco & Americans
Herment "The Pipe (Hardcover)
Herment The Pipe (Softcover)
Hester My Love,My Pipe
Heward St. Nicotine
Hirschfelder Encyclopedia of Smoking & Tobacco
Hutchinson Lyra Nicotiana
Jansen Pipe Smoking Do's & Don'ts
Jeffers The Perfect Pipe
Jefford Smokes
Jung Nineteenth Century Pipe Patents Book A
Jung Nineteenth Century Pipe Patents Book B
Kiernan Tobacco
Kiernan Tobacco: A History
Knight A Smoker's Reveries
Knight Pipe & Pouch
Levardy "Our Pipe Smoking Forebears"
Levin Peterson Patent Pipes Catalog (Reprint) Red Cover
Levin International About Smoke Dunhill Catalog X-Mas 1923 (Reprint)
Levin International About Smoke Vintage Dunhill Catalog (Reprint)
Levin International The Barling Pipe 150th Anniversary Catalog (Reprint)
Libert Tobacco, Snuff Boxes & Pipes
Lindenberger Collectible Ashtrays
Lopes Cachimbos
Lopes Pipes "Artisians & Their Trademarks"
Loring John Loring's "20 English Pipe Catalogs"
Loring John Loring's Dunhill Catalogs Vol 1 "The Early Years"
Loring John Loring's Dunhill Catalogs Vol 2 "The Elegant Years"
Loring John Loring's Dunhill Catalogs Vol 3 "The Later Years"
Loring John Loring's Dunhill Catalogs Vol 4 "Addendum"
Lorring The Dunhill Briar Pipe
M.Dunhill Our Family Business
Machamer How To Scratch A Match
Machen The Anatomy Of Tobacco
Manger Die beruhmten Ulmer Maserhol zpfeifen
Marvel Reveries of A Bachelor
Maya/Liebaert The Pipe
McClure The Stag's Hornbook
McManus Bachelor Ballads
Miller's Smoking Accessories
Monde Pipes
Moran Tobacco Collectibles
Morley/ Dunn The Curious Case of Kenelm Digby (TPSE Version)
Myer Chats On Old English Tobacco Jars
N.C. Museum of Art Tobacco & Smoking In Art
Neumark Zippo "An American Legend"
Newcombe In Search of Pipe Dreams
Orhant Up in Smoke
Ousley Rings O' Smoke
Parker My Pipe,My Tobacco and I
Partington Smoke Rings & Roundelays
Penn The Soverane Herbe
Petrone "Tobacco Advertising: The Great Seduction"
Pimo Pimo's Guide To Pipe Crafting At Home
Pipe Lovers Pipe Lovers Magazine Bound Volume 1
Pipe Lovers Pipe Lovers Magazine Bound Volume 2
Pipe Lovers Pipe Lovers Magazine Bound Volume 3
Pipe Lovers Pipe Lovers Magazine Bound Volumes 4-5
Pollner Pfeiferauchen Leicht gemacht
Potter Ode To My Pipe
Ram How To Get More Fun Out of Smoking
Rapaport A Guide to Collecting Antique Pipes
Rapaport A Tobacco Source Book
Rapaport Collecting Antique Meerschaum Pipe
Rapaport Museum of Tobacco Arts & History Guide Book
Rapaport Nicotiana Notes of Ralph Morrissey (Reprint)
Rapaport The Global Guide To Tobacco Literature
Rebeyrolles Collectible Pipes
Robert The Story of Tobacco in America
Ruben Between Puffs A History of Tobacco
Sabbagh Guide De La Pipe
Sargent Smoke And Bubbles
Schiffer Handbook of Vintage Lighters
Schiffer Zippos
Schmidt Pipe Smoking Contest
Schmidt The Pipes Rebirth
Schnitzer Leaves From A Tobacco Man's Log
Schrier The History of The Calabash Pipe
Schrier "Confessions of A Pipeman"
Scott Smoking Antiques
Scott Tobacco & The Collector
Serad Trial By Fire
Sherman All About Tobacco
Sims Witching Weed
Stokkebye The Life & Good Times of A Tobacco Man
Tanner Tobacco
Taylor The Pipesmoke Carry
The Past Overseers Society The Westminster Tobacco Box
The Smoker About Smoke Vintage Dunhill Catalog (Reprint)
The Smoker Peterson Patent Pipes Catalog (Reprint) Green Cover
The Smoker The Barling Pipe
Turmac Tobacco, Pipes & The Pleasures of Pipe Smoking
Umberger Tobacco & It's Use
Univers La passion de la Pipe
Vacchiano Pipe Da Collezione
Verdaguer The Art of Pipe Smoking
Waites Sancta Croce
Walton The Faber Book of Smoking
Wanvig Collectors Guide To Ashtrays
Watkins The Pleasures of Smoking
WDC Ltd. How To Make More Money Selling Pipes
Weber Carl Weber's Pleasures of Pipe Smoking
Weber Everyman's Guide To Pipe Smoking & Tobacco
Weber Weber's Guide To Pipes & Pipe Smoking
Welsh The Fragrant Weed
Werner Textbook On Tobacco
Werner Tobaccoland
Winans The Pipe Smoker's Tobacco Book
Worth Back From The Ashes "The Story of The Falcon Pipe"
Wright The Pipe Companion

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PostSubject: Re: My Tobacco,Pipes & Smoking Books   Wed Mar 11, 2009 11:31 am

What a collection!
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Trout Bum

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PostSubject: Re: My Tobacco,Pipes & Smoking Books   Wed Mar 11, 2009 7:27 pm

That's it? Ha- only kidding! I must say that your collection is most impressive, indeed. I wish I could check it out in person. Thanks for sharing!
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PostSubject: Which is the best for an estate collector to identify pipes?   Sun May 31, 2009 3:52 am

Identifying estate pipes. For example I bought at an antique store today Golden Royal Custom Made Handmade billiard that has potential, but i really don't know what I have, the grain is straight up and down and I only paid $3.50 for it. I also bought a system pipe with p-lip that I just cannot make out the make just made in Italy. And third an LL Bean pot with wonderful birds eye all around. I have plenty more in my collection that google has nothing on. Anybody know one I should try to find? I have all about pipes book, but none that help with collecting. Or anyone know anything about these?
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Great Scot!

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PostSubject: Re: My Tobacco,Pipes & Smoking Books   Sun May 31, 2009 8:07 am

Good LORD, Dock has more books on pipes & tobacco than our local library has books period! Laughing
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Park-Lane Connoisseur's Flake
McClelland Tudor Castle
McClelland Beacon
McConnell's Scottish Cake
Solani 656 Aged Burley Flake
St. Bruno (ready-rubbed)

Pipe : Four top favorites:
Dunhill 1947 Patent Shell Briar 197-1 long stem billiard
Barling's Make YOW 'Fossil' Lumberman (253) (T.V.F.) (EXEL) (Pre-Transition)
Savory's Argyll 140 diplomat shape
Comoy's Tradition 5 bulldog
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PostSubject: Re: My Tobacco,Pipes & Smoking Books   Mon Jun 01, 2009 4:47 pm

All you need now is a bound copy of J.M. Barrie's My Lady Nicotine. But I guess you could download it from the Gutenberg Project, print it out and have it bound as a book.
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I like Lat - period. I use Aeros on the weekends when I can smoke in the main part of the house.
Pipe : I really love Nosewarmers and chubby pipes but my collection is fairly eclectic.
Radice, Jacono, Ser Jacapo, Petersen, Tinsky, Nording, Ardor
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PostSubject: Re: My Tobacco,Pipes & Smoking Books   Tue Aug 09, 2011 9:29 pm

That is truly an amazing collection! I have about 8 of them, my favorite being "My Lady Nicotine". Every time I read the story about the smoking table, I laught until tears stream down my cheeks. Funny stuff. Anyway, I applaud your taste and I will have to try and add some of those to my collection.
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PostSubject: Re: My Tobacco,Pipes & Smoking Books   Sun Aug 28, 2011 5:10 pm

WOW...can I come over... lol!
Thats one nice collection you have there.
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My Tobacco,Pipes & Smoking Books
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