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 Joining The Asylum

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Joining The Asylum Empty
PostSubject: Joining The Asylum   Joining The Asylum EmptyThu Jan 22, 2009 3:13 pm

If you wish to have access to this area of the board you have to join the usergroup called "The Asylum". This area is less moderated and can contain material that some will find less than desirable. It is rarely pipe related and topics are considered by many to be controversial. Please do not join this area of the board if you are easily offended or wish to start problems with other members.

To join, click on the link above the forums labeled "Usergroups". On that page you will see "The Asylum" listed, click on that to request membership. Once approved you will have access to this area of the board. There is no requirement for membership here but understand you are entering at your own risk.

We have decided to close this area off to respect those members who wish to avoid it.

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Joining The Asylum
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