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 New Dagner Cobs Nix Forever Stems

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New Dagner Cobs Nix Forever Stems Empty
PostSubject: New Dagner Cobs Nix Forever Stems   New Dagner Cobs Nix Forever Stems EmptySun Mar 31, 2019 5:38 pm

I've got at least a half dozen, probably more Dagner Custom Cobs with Forever Stems mounted on them.  The Dagner cobs have a big chamber, and adding a Forever Stem  onto one is just icing on the cake.  It makes for a really nice, comfortable L O N G smoke.

The Dagners recently started offering their cobs again recently, so I picked up a couple. Imagine my chagrin when I unscrewed their stems to replace with Forever stems and discovered it is now impossible to do so because, for who knows what reason, the tenons on the new cobs have been bored out to the outer circumference; no Forever stem gonna fit!

I can't imagine if this was a conscious decision to prohibit exchanging the stems, thereby keeping the product's "integrity" intact (?).  Or just a simple twist of fate...………...Whatever.  All I know is that I am bummed out, because I for one love the cob to be away from my face enough to not have to worry about smoke getting in my eyes, beard, etc. And, yes, I kinda dig jazzing up my cobs with the cool lookin' Forever offerings.

Consider yourself warned...…….

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New Dagner Cobs Nix Forever Stems
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