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 pipes you used to see all the time, but now?

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Zeno Marx

Zeno Marx

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pipes you used to see all the time, but now? Empty
PostSubject: pipes you used to see all the time, but now?   pipes you used to see all the time, but now? EmptySun Jul 21, 2019 4:34 pm


I remember in the late 80s and early 90s seeing a steady flow of large Castello bulldogs, especially the red stained ones. I believe those were called Trademark, Greatline, or a combination of those stamps? I owned a few myself. Many seemed to be coming out of Dallas, TX and those fellas around the Edward's shops (I hope my memory is accurate here). You rarely see the really big ones anymore, even in the estate market. I mean...there were A LOT of those things to be had.

I'd love to hear your surprises, or confusion, of whatever pipes were on your radar at one time that now seem to be very scarce or nowhere to be found. I fall under the confusion state. I look through sale pages and eBay, and when I'm triggered to remember, I find myself scratching my head, wondering where the heck certain pipes have gone. Obviously, they're collecting dust in collections somewhere, but the fact that they're so scarce, when once in such ready supply, just amazes me.

Another one is the Ascorti Business pot. They were everywhere. Nobody wanted them. I owned a few of those as well.

Another one is the Castello Sea Rock 75.

So, what kind of things like this have you noticed?
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pipes you used to see all the time, but now?
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