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 Ohio taxes

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Ohio taxes Empty
PostSubject: Ohio taxes   Ohio taxes EmptyWed Oct 09, 2019 6:41 pm

Just read this on another web page, a customer received it from cigarsinternational. It appears that ohio is raising taxes on tobacco delivered to customers there.

Dear Ohio Customer:

While we continually strive to keep the price of premium cigar products as low as possible, legislators sometimes take action that runs counter to the interests of constituents like you. This is one of those times. Effective October 16, 2019, the State of Ohio will be imposing an Excise Tax on all tobacco products delivered to Ohio customers. See Ohio 5743.62. Please note that this excise tax is in addition to the Ohio use tax already imposed on tobacco products delivered to Ohio customers.

The Ohio Excise Tax rate will differ depending on the type of tobacco product sold:
Most Premium cigars (and all pipe tobacco) will be taxed at 17% of the wholesale price, which would equate to an average retail price increase of 8-11% with a maximum of fifty two cents ($.52) per premium cigar.
Most little cigars with a filter or tip will be taxed at 37% of the wholesale price, which would equate to an average retail price increase of 25-30%
For more details on the Ohio Excise Tax, please consult our website’s shipping policy or review the law here.

Finally, if you have any open orders, held orders, or backorders, please contact us immediately so that we may assist you in modifying your order for shipment prior to the October 16 effective date. Please note that backorders, held orders, auto ships, and club orders shipped after the effective date will be subject to the Ohio Excise Tax.
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Ohio taxes
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